County, Rockland work to improve transfer station

Power County and the City of Rockland are coming closer to fixing a dilapidated transfer station where residents in southern Power County can drop off garbage. A committee looked into possible new locations for the transfer station, but came to the conclusion that the transfer station needs to stay where it is and then be improved in that location.
Rockland owns the land the transfer station sits on, but it is not quite clear just how much of the land in that location it owns. It is likely a local farmer has farmed nearby land for years that is actually owned by the city, said Power County Commissioner Bill Lasley.
To determine just how much land is owned by the city, the county and the city will split costs to hire a surveyor to assess who owns what. One of the major problems with the current location is that trucks do not have room to turn around while carrying away the garbage bins. If the city does own more of the property, the entrance to the station can be moved, and the county can cut into the nearby hill to expand the station.

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