Teachers let trustees know their views on the school calendar

Two of Aberdeen’s teachers, Layne Arnoldson and Annette Campau, attended the school board meeting held Wednesday, Feb. 22, and told the trustees present, Herb Bohrer, Elaine Blik, Todd Lowder, Michael Shackelford and Braden Driscoll, their opinions on changing the school calendar.

Arnoldson, middle school teacher, said he wanted the calendar to stay the way it is. The students have plenty of breaks in the fall semester, but none in the second semester of school until spring break. The students get burned out on school and need the break. They get to the point that they don’t want to learn anything. When they come back from the break they are then glad to be in school and ready to learn more. He also felt that the length of time for the breaks, including the Christmas break and spring break, were good. This year, he said, was different because they had the snow days connected to the Christmas break and …

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