A.F. school patrons face expensive decisions for bond, levy elections

Residents and taxpayers in the American Falls Joint School District are facing two major decisions, both with financial and economic consequences, when they head to the polls in just under two weeks.

Elections up for consideration include a bond election for a maximum of $8,950,000 to build a new elementary school building and for improvement of other educational facilities. Also being considered along with that is a supplemental levy for $2,458,108 per year for two years, permitted by law to help pay all lawful expenses of the district.

The elections will be held jointly, on the same ballot, on Tuesday, March 14. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at several different polling locations. In Power County, polling precinct locations include: Precinct 1, American Falls City Hall, 550 N. Oregon Trail; Precinct 2, American Falls Public Library, 308 Roosevelt Street; Precinct 3, Power County annex building, 500 Pocatello Avenue; and Precinct 6, the Pocatello Municipal Airport at the airport terminal. Precinct 7, absentee voting is also available at the Power County Courthouse, 543 Bannock Ave. …
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