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To the editor,

As a deputy of the Power County Sheriff’s Office, our interests are focused on the public’s safety and security; in addition to many of our other responsibilities. As deputies, we also place a high priority ensuring the safety of our community’s children.

The American Falls Intermediate School was built over 50 years ago and during a time where schools were safer than today. This school was constructed as three individual buildings. All three of these buildings have different functions. The music and sports study are housed in one building. Mathematics, language arts and other in another. Other studies are taught in a third building.

Students attending the intermediate school are nine and ten year olds. These young kids are required to walk from building to building between classes exposing them to the outside. Considering the potential dangers our young students are faced with; we are respectfully lucky that we have been immune to what is happening in other schools throughout our nation.

Currently, more than 100 students are supervised by an individual teacher. It is difficult for a lone teacher to monitor this large group of students ensuring their safety. Another potential security issue are the many outside entrances. A school with safe monitoring is a school with one entrance and one exit. For example, the middle school and Hillcrest entrances are located so that the office is positioned in close proximity to the main entrance giving the staff an adequate visual of all students, parents, and others coming and going from the building.

No one structure is completely 100 percent safe and secure; however, we believe the consolidation of the intermediate school into a single building would be a step toward reducing potential risk.

Finally, a new construction could include handicapped accessible needs, something that is lacking in our current structure.

Francisco Torres

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