Commissioners answer auditors’ concerns about financial practices

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Power County’s independent auditors had several concerns about Power County’s financial practices; however, the Power County commissioners reassured auditors that any problems could be fixed at a meeting on Wednesday, March 8.
Specifically, the auditors’ concern centered around one employee in a Power County department. That employee handles a small amount of cash, and auditors questioned the power given to that employee. To make it possible to handle the cash easily, the employee has the power to authorize, sign and cash checks without the usual safeguards against embezzlement.

There was also some confusion about the relationship between the sheriff’s department and Power County Search and Rescue.

The employee who can authorize and sign checks is trusted and responsible, said Power County Sheriff Jim Jeffries. That employee keeps track of each transaction, and is meticulous in tracking funds, he said.

That is not enough. said auditor Doran Lambson. There needs to be a second set of eyes on the funds going through that particular office, he said.

The commissioners agreed. They felt someone else needed to be on hand to sign checks, or that the sheriff needed to initial all the funds going in and out of that area. The commissioners said they would work out a solution, and let the auditors know what they decided upon….

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