Chickens and rabbits limited in city

Dave Mitchell with TO Engineers of Boise spoke with council members about changes that need to be made for the Aberdeen Airport when the Aberdeen City Council met Tuesday, March 14. Critical aircraft is the main change that will be noticed at the airport since the original agreement in 2012. Critical aircraft is what governs the way the airport is laid out. A newer airplane was bought by Jeff Driscoll and with the size of the airplane, Aberdeen’s runway is not long enough to handle the full capacity of that airplane. With the new airplane being purchased the city will need to extend the runway. The city doesn’t know when completion will be because they don’t know how much they can afford each year. However, progress needs to be made each year so the city doesn’t lose its grant. More land needs to be bought to make these changes and two landowners will need to sell a portion of their land.

As of right now with the way Aberdeen airport is laid out the FFA will not help with changes that are made. The airport doesn’t meet the …

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