Magnida pulls the plug

Magnida CEO Ric Sorbo met with a group of Power County economic development and government representatives by telephone on Wednesday, March 29, but the news about the proposed fertilizer plant wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

Sorbo wanted to discuss the fertilizer plant project as far as what was done well, and what could have been done better, but in the end, the project has now been dropped.

He had plenty of praise for Kristen Jensen, the executive director of the Great Rift Business Development Organization, and the organization itself. The project would not have continued as long as it did, had it not been for that group, along with the Power County Development Authority, the Power County Commission and the American Falls City Council.

Sorbo said the decision to exit the project came in 2016, about the same time they decided to sell the water rights they had earlier purchased from FMC….

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