No two days are the same

Library News
 by Havilah Lyon
A.F. Library Director

As I was sitting here thinking about what to pontificate on this week, I realized I could just write, “More of the same,” and be done. But what would the fun in that be?

We had our computer guy come in and work on replacing our wifi system, which had previously been very unreliable. It had gotten to the point that we had to restart our wifi router every other day, sometimes as often as several times a day. For those of you who think I am speaking Greek when I say the words “wifi router,” just know that a wifi router should be installed…and then forgotten. Having to reboot your wifi router every other day would be equivalent to having to buy a new car every time you have to drive to the grocery store. This is just not a good thing. So far, our new wifi router hasn’t had to be rebooted even once. This is some sort of a record around here!

We have also finished up the last of our programming; we’re taking a (very small) break until the Summer Reading Program that will start on June 14th. Registration starts on May 22nd and runs through June 21st; registration is not required to attend the programs, but is encouraged because it allows us to award your child at the end of Summer Reading with a prize. We’re going to kick off the Summer Reading Program on the 14th by planting flowers and pumpkins in cups for children to take home. The gardener in me is already excited at the prospect!

We are still selling raffle tickets for the peridot gem on display here at the library. Be sure to check it out and buy a ticket for a dollar – all proceeds will benefit the library. Marsha Baker has put together a beautiful display of gems that will dazzle the eye, along with donating the peridot gem for us to raffle off. We are very lucky to have her as a dedicated patron.

Lastly, we are still doing our best to inform patrons of our new fine and checkout periods that were put in place on May 1st. If you’d like a handout with all of the information laid out, feel free to stop by the library. We have the information in a handy bookmark form.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or a request for an item that you’d like to see us bring in, we’re happy to help out however we can. This is your library to love and enjoy; we hope you do so often!

Thanks for reading!

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