High school construction is coming along well

Joe Reams, construction manager for the Aberdeen School District said the construction is coming along well and has picked up since the weather is cooperating a little. On May 15 they will take all of the asbestos out of the vo-ag building and the week of May 22 they will begin demolition of the building. They will store the welders from the building and then reinstall them in the new building. They want to begin on the one story part of the high school as soon as possible. They plan on June 5 but if they can get to it earlier, they want to.

There will be a point when all three building will be having work done at the same time.

Superintendent Jane Ward said that Reams has asked that the vocational classes and the weight classes move out of the building by May 15 so they can do what Reams said. Ward added the construction crew wants to begin as soon as they can on the classrooms because everyone is anxious about what the winter will be like next year.

Patron input

Danette Miller, from Bingham County, presented the Sunshine Law to the trustees. The Sunshine Law requires any trustees involved with a school district of 500 or more students to file a declaration of any money received through donations during the campaign and any money spent on their campaign that used campaign funds. They also need to declare a political treasurer, which can be themselves, but all of those things need to be declared and sent to the county.

Officer Mark Cowley and members of the Bingham/Blackfoot Youth Coalition, addressed the trustees. They have been concerned about tobacco use by adults while on school grounds and are working at getting it illegal in Bingham County for an adult to use any tobacco related product on school grounds. There have been some issues in Blackfoot, Snake River and Shelley, and the group has already addressed those trustees and they are behind the group. Cowley said they are asking for a letter of support from the school district.

Their goal is to restrict adult tobacco use on school property. They are looking at a county ordinance to restrict the use. Cowley said their main goal is public education, but if the ordinance is passed by the county, it will be the police department’s job to enforce the ordinance. …

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