Babies are people, too

I was raised in a large family. But the funny thing about families is, everybody fits in somewhere, no matter how large or small they are. It’s true that you don’t run out of love.

Such is the case now. We just welcomed child number five. When I first married my wife, I asked her how many kids she wanted to have. She was raised in a family of four kids. She said that was too few. The kids needed a tie breaker, I guess. So she said five.

However, after four kids, we thought maybe five would not be such a good idea. Like comedian Jim Gaffigan says, having five kids is like you’re drowning, and then someone hands you a baby. But somehow we went ahead and welcomed number five into the world anyway.

It’s a bit of a shock to suddenly be up at night taking care of a newborn. By this point, we are pretty well experienced, but just slightly out of habit. Our older kids wake up at night sometimes too, but with them all we have to ask is why they woke up. With babies, you have to go down the checklist. Is it food? Is it a diaper? Is it too light or too dark? It goes on and on.

And all the babies are different. You just can’t assume that what worked with the other babies is going to work with this one. They are different just like all the people in this world are different. Wait now, that’s a pretty silly thing to say. A lot of the other people in this world are babies.

My wife’s niece posted something profound on Facebook when our daughter was born. Our niece said she couldn’t wait to see the person our baby would become. That is really what is exciting about babies. Babies don’t stay babies long. They always turn into people.

Thank goodness for that. If it wasn’t for people, none of us would be around. Now that is such a silly thing to say it is almost profound, but not quite profound enough to put on a motivational poster.

But the diverse personalities in the world make life quite interesting. No one is really bland, especially when you get to know them.

Sometimes you hear people say babies should not be brought into such a mean and nasty world. However, I think most babies, when pressed, admit they prefer existence over non-existence. Ok, so they can’t talk, but I’m pretty sure most of them think that.

They need us, but we need them too. We need them to become the people that they will become someday.

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