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To the editor,

We are writing to thank Coach Tony Cade for all his hard work and dedication the last two years to both football and track at American Falls High School. Coach Cade gave his heart and soul to both programs and it showed.

He is moving on to Burley to coach and we wish him the best of luck there. He taught the kids that they needed to work for what they wanted, to earn it, and that it would not be handed to them based on their name. He promoted an atmosphere of teamwork, and not individual stars. There were those who disagreed with this way of coaching, and because of this, we are losing him.

It is frustrating that a few personal opinions are allowed to dictate something that affects so many others in the community. On the American Falls School District webpage they state their motto as “Is it good for the kids?” I would take that to include all the kids, but by the actions of a few, this obviously needs to be reworded to state that they only have interest in doing good for some of the kids, the select few who meet their criteria.

Coach Cade worked hard to include ALL kids in both football and track. He made it clear that he did not want money to be a reason that the kids could not play. Through fundraisers, sponsorships and donations, he wanted sports to be available to any kid that wanted to work for it and gave them an equal chance to play. He started up the spring football program in American Falls to the kids fifth to eighth grade to allow those who wanted to play, more opportunities to do so. This generated interest for the younger kids and allowed them to get in more time playing with their teammates from the fall and create more players interested in playing football for the high school, which I feel benefits the kids, the school and the community in general. Having a winning sports team, any sports team, is a great item of pride for a small town.

Watching him coach, he did not allow players to beat down and blame their teammates for missed catches, missed blocks and anything else that can go wrong in a game. He encouraged them to play AS A TEAM and support and praise each other. Did he yell at the kids, yes. Was he hard on them, probably so. But guess what? Life is hard, and once these kids are out in the real world, I hope they remember the lessons taught to them by Coach Cade. That nothing just gets handed to you; you must work for it and earn it. And doing it as a team is so much more rewarding in the long run. And that supporting your teammates (or coworkers) is a benefit to everyone involved.

I believe that is the goal we should be striving for where our kids are concerned, all of them.

Guy and Lori Marshall

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