Thoughts on hospital bond

To the editor,

Communication with the patient is the backbone of adequate health care. It is vital to the formula of what is “necessary and sufficient” in treatment.

The hospital bond mailer which came to my home seems reasonable except this clause, “Efficient work flows for department and staff communication”. This is unclear. Does it mean more employees? Does it mean shift change reports?

The mailer is insufficient because it does not address major issues I’ve dealt with at the hospital.

Our health care system is precariously poised on a see-saw and torn between insurance companies and pharma. Our government cares more for profits than lives. Our providers move to easier life in more populated states. We must, must, must know our own values and priorities. What defines our community is that we treat each other with honesty, respect, and dignity before, during and after we set about to upgrade infrastructure. The person inside the body needs this above parking and a gift shop.

Jennie Conley

(Editor’s Note: Portions of this letter were edited due to comment that could be considered libelous or could not be refuted prior to the election.)

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