Aberdeen council works with students, police officers to ban tobacco on campuses

Representatives from the Blackfoot-Bingham County Youth Coalition met with the Aberdeen City Council to discuss a new county ordinance that will give officers the ability to cite anyone using tobacco on school premises.

The BBCYC group, including officer Greg Austin and students Annissa Bowen, Gabriel Becerra, Devin Austin and Lorenzo Lora was approached by the Idaho National Lung Association to come up with a project. The project is to eventually make it a law in Idaho that permits no smoking on school campuses.

Currently in Idaho there is a law that prohibits adults from smoking in restaurants and bowling alleys. The members of this youth group want schools to be included, they said.

The City of Aberdeen has a policy set that they do not allow smoking on school premises, but because there is no state law or county ordinance that bans smoking on school premises an officer cannot issue a citation. If a faculty member or police officer sees someone smoking they can be asked to leave the school grounds and if they refuse the most that can happen is they can be charged with trespass. At that point the school officials would have to go to court to testify.

With this new ordinance, it would take the responsibility of smoking on school premises out of the school officials and turn it over to the police officers. …

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