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by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

Last week was seven days long just like each one before it. But, in terms of this column it was three days. I have appreciated the leniency Brett Crompton has given me in submitting this column. For most folks, the city included, the due date is Friday at noon. My traditional submittal is Sunday evening. Things are subject to change from time to time and the good folks at The Power County Press have a life beyond the paper and sometimes I have to adjust my writing schedule to accommodate theirs. These next four weeks will be on a new schedule and I am happy to make that adjustment; although, it means I find myself writing on a Wednesday night so I only have three days to tell you about and most of it was a cross between our community and school.

Two weeks ago I started the budgeting process for fiscal 2018-19 and met with county commissioner Bill Lasley to begin discussing shared city and county interests. I am grateful for his willingness to begin the process early since summer will be very busy for both of us. On Monday of this week I will have had a preliminary budgeting meeting with the city superintendents; the gist of which will be to budget flat and make a prioritized list of needs beyond the current budget. Budgeting is not my favorite thing to do as mayor but it is probably one of the more important; working with the council and others deciding where your tax dollars and fees will best serve you is a task that none of us at the city take lightly and without diligence.

Sewer flushing and work at the tennis courts and the streets around town continues as the weather, at least for now, is cooperating. City employees are also taking advantage of continuing education opportunities as they have become available. The teacher and taxpayer in me thinks that is a good thing as anything we can learn to do better or more efficiently serves you more fully.

Last Tuesday I was invited as mayor by Dr. Ron Bolinger, American Falls School District Superintendent, to participate in a new grant that the district has been selected to be a part of. The grant is administered by the University of Idaho and Boise State and is designed to help struggling districts in the state find a way to address the many challenges facing them. I was impressed with the initial meeting and look forward to the opportunity to continue the conversation that was started and more importantly finding and helping to implement the solutions.

Last Wednesday I believe marked the 25th year of the annual Second Grade Safety Fair. I thank our partners at Pioneer Equipment and Stotz Equipment for doing the heavy lifting and supplying the event with the latest and greatest implements. I can’t tell you the satisfaction I feel when I see our FFA Chapter officers working with business and industry members to make an event like this happen. And, as the over 40 FFA members taught the entire second grade basic safety around farm equipment and livestock needing little to no input from me was also satisfying.

Saturday is our annual FFA Chapter Banquet. With nearly 200 RSVPs from parents and supporters of the program I hope I don’t screw it up. The FFA members will do great; it’s me I worry about. To everyone who supports our program via whatever manner the 120 local FFA members and I say thank you. You make wonderful things possible.

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