Special use permitting shines spotlight on tribal, county relations

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes had multiple reasons for becoming involved in a sawmill’s recent special use permit, said Randy’L Teton, a spokesman for the tribes. Teton made her comments in a statement issued to The Press. The sawmill received the permit from Power County,

The tribes wanted to improve safety on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, where the sawmill is located, but also wanted to see how Power County officials would react to the tribes involvement. Since the operation was small, the tribes felt that it would be okay to let Power County issue the permit.

“The tribes were agreeable to a special use permit process obtained either through Power County or through the tribes. This was done in part as a test case to see if we are able to work together with Power County in applying proper processes that provide for the safety of the environment and our community,” Teton said. …

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