Voters approve hospital renovation, oust incumbent school board trustees

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

The Power County Hospital will be expanded and remodeled after a supermajority of voters approved a bond in the Tuesday, May 16 election.

Seventy percent of voters approved the bond, which is for nearly $15 million. Among other things, the bond will provide a new physical therapy building, new administrative offices, new raised helipad and parking garage, and individual patient and resident rooms and bathrooms.

Hospital administrator Dallas Clinger said he was pleased that voters saw the need to invest in the hospital building.

“I’m tickled to death that our community has voted to do this,” Clinger said. “Our community is looking forward and not backward. They are looking to improve infrastructure instead of watching it deteriorate as the clock ticks on.”

The hospital estimated that it would costs homeowners with a homeowners exemption between $4 and $6 a month. Clinger said he knew it was a burden for some of the community members, but without the sacrifice would be beneficial for the community.

Of the 1,109 people who voted on the bond question, 774 approved the bond while 335 disapproved the bond. A total of 1,132 people voted in the election, which is 35 percent of registered voters.

This is the second time the bond was on the ballot. The first time was in the November 2016 general election. At that time, the bond garnered 60 percent, just under the two-thirds needed for the bond to pass.

Clinger said he thought the difference in the second time was the hospital focused on what their plans offered, not why they arrived at making those plans.

Architects will start working on detailed drawings for the next nine months …
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