Indian Springs has new owners

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Brendan Valpey, his sister, Michaela Dieffenbach, and her husband, Dave Dieffenbach, recently purchased Indian Springs Natatorium from Tom Henesh.

Brendan picked up the nearly one hundred year old property as a place to ease into a retirement job. He had been working in information technology in Las Vegas. The Dieffenbach’s quickly jumped on board as well—they owned a flower shop in California’s bay area, where the family originates.

They are all ready for a different pace of life. They are especially glad to have an end to commuting, Dave joked. Michaela has yet to move out to American Falls, but will soon. Michaela and Dave took competing pictures of their commutes: Dave had the rolling hills around American Falls, while Michaela’s had bumper to bumper freeway traffic.

“I just can’t wait to get out there,” Michaela said.

Brendan said his love of camping and then RVing led him to want to purchase a campground. He started camping with his kids in a tent, and then moved up to a tent trailer, and then settled on a RV. He said it was the support of the community that led him to want to purchase this particular property.

The resort was not open and in disrepair when it fell into Henesh’s hands after multiple mortgages were called on it. In 2009, the community volunteered to clean up the property so Henesh could reopen it. He’s managed the campground and swimming pool since then.

“This place really just struck a chord with us,” Brendan said.

Henesh, who is originally from American Falls, will be around to help them the first few months, and then he will return to Montana, where he owns several businesses. He had multiple offers to buy, Brendan said, but …

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