Youth drama production Friday and Saturday

A youth drama camp show will be presented Friday evening, June 23, at 6 p.m. and Saturday afternoon, June 24, at 4 p.m. The shows will be held at the high school auditorium. The show presented will be “The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan.”

The curtain rises on a comic book scene, narrated by dramatic reporter Max Volume. It’s midnight at City Hall and the Mayor of Megaville is held captive by Super-Villain, The Bogeyman! The terrified citizens and Mayor are relieved when, with a flourishing fanfare, Superstan flies to their rescue and defeats the Bogeyman with witty banter and a stylised musical battle. The Mayor and citizens thank Superstan and chant his name in celebration as the scene dissolves into morning in Megaville’s Proton Park, where sweet seller Stanley Marvel stands dreamily in Superstan’s pose. As the chants become a voice calling Stanley’s name in an attempt to wake him, we realize that we have just witnessed another of Stan’s superhero daydreams. Stan’s best friend DC wakes him from his slumber and berates him for his Superhero obsession and constant daydreaming, explaining that he is missing out on the real adventure – life.

Stan’s hysterically eccentric Gran, Ruby Marvel, embarrasses her grandson by attempting to keep him warm and well fed, then introduces …

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