Pets for a day

We haven’t had good luck with pets, which makes our children crazy. We had a dog for four months. We gave it away, but after it had chewed through most of a long list of backyard items, like pool noodles, a garden swing, and our grill. Okay, so maybe not the grill, but that dog could chew.

And that’s all of our pet keeping experience. Except for last week. Last week, we had a litter of kittens for a day.

They just appeared in the backyard. Four precocious kittens, rolling around in our garden. The kids, of course, wanted to keep them and feed them and protect them forever. They followed our specific instructions to leave them alone, but spent the whole day going back to “check on the kittens.”

I was a little more skeptical. How did they get there? Was someone trying to dump their unwanted cats on us? They were close to the age to be weaned, but might not have been there yet.

It didn’t take long to find out what happened. Fortunately, no one was dumping kittens on us. I had just cut down some weeds in our backyard that had got way, way too long. We probably had a feral cat in our backyard, and at some point, that cat took up residence and birthed a litter of kittens there. I cut down those weeds, and suddenly, we had cats everywhere.

And now what? We didn’t want to keep the kittens. We looked into the animal shelter in Pocatello, but really didn’t want to run over there. I could always call a man (Joe, you know who you are) who would have been glad to take them and find a gunny sack, and well… we couldn’t tell the kids what exactly was going to happen to them in that case. The kids had already named them, for goodness sakes.

So I called Judi Fehringer down at the police station. She suggested just waiting a night. If we had disturbed their shelter, the mom was just looking for the right moment to move the kittens to a new place. If they were still around, then we could look at catching them.

Fortunately, they were gone the next morning, thank goodness. Now they are someone else’s problem. Those kittens are sure cute though, just little balls of fluff that you can snuggle, and…

Sorry, I just about got pulled in. Where did those kittens go, anyhow?


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