EMS chief highlights concerns with Press article on EMTs

To the editor,

I had some areas of major concern on the article “Power County concerned about shortage of EMTs” in the Wednesday, June 28 edition of The Power County Press and share the following;

* All licensed staff is compensated for shifts and calls.

*You can take an EMT Course and get licensed.

*We only hire part-time Advanced EMTs and Paramedics.

*We DO NOT require LESS licensing — ALL our licensed personnel have to meet the same requirements as ANY licensed FULL TIME personnel in the state of Idaho.

Power County EMS compensated volunteers are some of the best in this State. They have proved this in many competitions at statewide conferences.

They are extremely dedicated to EMS and this community by taking time over and above their full time jobs, around and sometimes despite their families schedules.

They make daily sacrifices so that they can offer life-saving care for others in this community and keep up on the never ending training that is required to stay licensed.

They are our home town heroes and they deserved a better article than this.

Di Jones, Chief


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