Street closed for Pioneer Day

City council members, Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon, Denise Wahlen, Brian Schneider, Mary Leisy, Alan Summers and Craig Wampler, along with mayor Larry Barrett, present at the meeting held Tuesday, July 11, agreed to temporarily close Washington Avenue between First West and Second West on Saturday, July 22, for Pioneer Day. That is the street between City Park and the LDS Church.

Health insurance report

Amy Manning, representing the III A (Triple I-A) insurance presented the council members with the annual report of the company. She said their philosophy is that the best way to keep good employees is to have good benefits. They launched Triple I-A five years ago. Aberdeen was one of the founding members of the self-funded insurance company. The first year was difficult, Manning said, because there were three major claims that year and they didn’t have much in savings to cover them, so they had to go to the founding members and get more money. So, she said, the founding members put a lot into Triple I-A, but last year, Triple I-A was able to refund their founding members some money and they will receive a second refund in November of this year.

In 2016 there were 27 agencies and now there are currently 37 agencies in Triple I-A with 30 of those agencies on standard plans. As of Oct. 1, 2016, the company had met the goals they had set and the premiums have decreased. They used to bank at Wells Fargo but discovered that they were being charged many fees so they now have their primary bank as Idaho Central Credit Union.

“Triple I-A is doing very well. The website has been redesigned. We have moved from 365 employees to 600 employees today,” she said.

They are looking at standardizing the prescription benefits. They also have a wellness participation goal to have on site with blood screenings and flu shots for all employees. …

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