A.F. completes $9 million budget

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

The City of American Falls will discuss its budget in a public hearing tonight, Wednesday, Aug. 2, at 7 p.m. at the council offices.

The budget is over $700,000 smaller than last year’s budget, but that is because the city has wrapped up quite a few projects recently, a lot of them grant funded, said Robyn Herndon, American Falls city clerk. With those grant funds out of the budget, the budget is smaller. Most of the differences between this year’s budget and last year’s budget has to do with grants that the city already received or hopes to receive, Herndon said.

There is also one less employee in the city. The city did not replace public works coordinator Jeremy Peirsol when he left last year.

However, there is quite a bit more in the sanitation capital improvement fund. The city is saving to buy a new garbage truck. The city bought a newer garbage truck several years ago, but it has required more maintenance and is more costly than the city expected.

Overall, Herndon said the budget process went smoothly—even more smoothly then it has in years past.

“It went really well. This year …

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