Green thumbs popping up

Library News
by Havilah Lyon, A.F. Library Director

As the days (finally!) start to get warmer and I start to think about being brave enough to plant something outside (has the last frost of the year happened yet? What if we get a hailstorm next week? And who ordered these giant gusts of wind, anyway??) the urge to claim ownership of a green thumb hits even the best of us. This year, I’m going to plant cabbage and actually get edible cabbage heads out of it! This year, I’m going to thin out my strawberry patch to a more manageable size! This year, I’m going to keep on top of my weeds!

Okay, let’s not get crazy.

But if you find that you, too, love to gamble on weather, pests and water by actually planting something in the great outdoors, you may be interested in a FREE gardening class being held at the American Falls District Library on Wendnesday, May 22, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.. It will be taught by Glenn Cox of Dad’s Garden Seeds ( out of the Rockford / Blackfoot area. It will be an introductory course on gardening, with some beekeeping information thrown in for good measure. I’d love to see you there!

Speaking of the great outdoors, another local company, Bingham Co-op, just made my day. Recently, the library applied for an Ifft grant to do some landscaping work on the west side of the library that would include installing a rose arbor, raised garden beds, and decorative trees, among other things. We were going to buy the rose arbor from Bingham Co-op (if we got the grant) at a steep discount because…well, because they’re wonderful people and were kind enough to do that for us, I suppose.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Ifft grant, but Bingham Co-op came through for us anyway. Last week, they delivered the rose arbor to us at the library, and refused payment for it. Brock Kelsey, the general manager of Bingham Co-op, simply gave it to us free and clear. Boy, were we excited! This kind of small-town generosity and kindness is what drew me to American Falls in the first place. Thanks Brock, for showing me once again how lovely it is to live and work in American Falls.

Thanks for reading!

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