Aberdeen city office will be closed Aug. 21

Because of the total eclipse that will be happening in the area on Monday, Aug. 21, the Aberdeen city office will be closed at city hall for that day. It will open again the following day, Tuesday, Aug. 22, at 8 a.m. The closure was approved at the Aberdeen City Council meeting held Tuesday, Aug. 8. City council members present were Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon, Denise Wahlen, Brian Schneider, Mary Leisy and Alan Summers. Craig Wampler was not present because he has moved from Aberdeen.

An on-premise beer license was approved for Thai BBQ Kitchen, contingent on them getting the state and county licenses. The restaurant opened in the location on Bingham Avenue where there had been a Spanish restaurant. The Spanish restaurant had a license and they want to continue with that.

Council members discussed the 2017 groundwater mitigation allocation with the Aberdeen Springfield Canal Company. Aberdeen has an overabundance of water, according to mayor Larry Barrett. They still have 640 shares of water. They can put those shares into what is like a savings bank. Next year, if they need it, they can pull them out, or they can lease them to someone else who does need it. It costs $1 per share to mitigate them. Attorney Garrett Sandow said it is a good idea to be involved. It helps when there are water issues. Barrett said there is a chance that those share will just disappear, like if there is no water at all in the aquifer. Sandow said they are trying to get the underground water into a type of storage like the groundwater has so the water used can be controlled. Currently they are trying to get things set up and organized, so things could change in the future. …

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