A 10-year love note

To my sweet, dear Angie,

I guess with the ups and downs and spirals of life, and with so much concentration on just surviving from one point to the next, I sometimes don’t notice that 10 YEARS HAVE GONE BY since we were married!

I remember being 10 years old and thinking to myself, wow, I’ve been alive a whole decade. Now, a whole decade passes on and I don’t even seem to notice it.

I should have noticed it. We have had a baby, on average, every two years for the last 10. That is a lot of memories, a lot of first steps and kissing boo-boos. That’s a lot of bedtime stories and “I love yous.” I don’t know how many diapers that is, but we are doing our part by at least keeping the landfills in business.

But you’ve been the steady one, the one who stays when I leave and is still there when I get back. You’re the one I tell all my hopes and dreams too, even when I should sometimes keep my mouth shut. You patiently listen to all my stories for the 50th time.

You’re just as cute as you were 10 years ago. I love to hear your boisterous laugh and you keen insights. I love to hear your wild ideas and grand ambitions. I’m sorry we are both tired so often—but I’m not sorry. That’s the only downside to the life we’ve chosen. In years to come, though, I don’t think we’ll remember the tiredness.

I still own the same shirt and tie I wore 10 years ago. You still have the dress, though it mostly comes down just to show the kids now. But we are a lot different than 10 years ago, and I don’t just mean we’re rounder and grayer. I’m a little more patient and loving I think (though also a little more forgetful than I used to be. I blame the sleep for that). I think you might be a little more forgiving and a little more adventurous. We all have to be pretty adventurous with the life we lead.

Ten years is not a long time, when you are looking at eternity. Ten years is but a breath, a blink, or flitting ray of sunshine. It sure seems like that, even though we have children lounging all over the floor of our mortgaged home and all the signs that 10 years have gone by.

What will happen in the next 10 years? Or 20? I don’t know. All I know is that I will still be here by your side.

I love you,



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