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My name is Eric and I have this story to tell. In 2015 I lost my wife and home in Loveland, CO. Being on Social Security Disability I could not afford to live there on my own. My wife and I had 25 beautiful and blessed years together. But driving around town always had reminders of the marriage so I felt I needed to relocate and start over. I wrote up a list of priorities that I wanted such as a small town, close to the VA and the same scenery and temperature that my previous town had. I loved the mountains close by, plenty of trees, affordable housing, low crime rate and a cool breeze at night in the summer time.

I must have explored three dozen towns between Loveland, CO, and Bellingham, WA. I used “” for an excellent grading system on a whole slew of attributes of each town I visited. On my way back from the far Northwest, I looked at several places but could not decide on where to call home. Twin Falls was a good option. I even had secured an apartment should I want it, but I wanted to check out Pocatello so went there. Pocatello didn’t feel right so I decided to drive back to Twin Falls. On my way to the Falls I got this feeling of dread, to get off the highway. It was so strong that I took the next exit. As I sat in my car wondering if I just averted an accident or if I would have caused an accident. But then nothing happened. I’m sitting in my car wondering what now so I said out loud, “what now”. Looking around my car I glanced at the Rand McNally map sitting on the passenger seat. I saw American Falls and Aberdeen stood in bold letters. I had just passed American Falls 20 miles ago so I felt the need to check it out. I got back on the 86 interstate and headed towards American Falls. When I drove to the park I had such a strong feeling that this was the town for me. I sat in the car looking at the parents talking and kids playing. Around the park was this church on one side, a grocery store on another, the library on the third side of the park and then the county offices on the fourth side of the park. I felt warm, safe, peaceful and a calming feeling. It’s very hard to explain the feeling I had on paper. I started talking to all ages of people and everyone, 100 percent of them loved this town. I then looked on line on “” and saw that housing was well below the state and national average for renting. Crime was well below the national average as well, as were all the categories I looked at. To make a long story short I hooked up with Snow Property Management and I secured housing within three hours. This now ends the first part of my journey. The second part details how the people accepted me into their community and how well they have treated me.

Eric Slentz


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