Power County officials hear questions on proposed budget

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

A handful of people attended the Power County budget hearing on Monday, Aug. 28. Attendees included two former county employees and two current county employees.

While the county commissioners took questions from attendees, they did not approve the budget just yet. That is scheduled to be done on Monday, Sept 11. The two former employees, Carol Scheiber and Marge Glascock, asked a few questions, but did not show any objections to the budget overall.

Power County Clerk Sharee Sprague explained she wanted to make sure the language for Power County’s new water bond was correct before the budget was passed, and so the budget would be approved later.

Sprague said the county’s costliest new budget items were for the water bond, which Power County voters approved last year, and for new requirements from the state making the court system paperless. …

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