A.F. Art Guild Host Blacksmithing Demo

The American Falls Art Guild will host a presentation on artistic blacksmithing on Monday, Sept. 11, at the American Falls District Library, 308 Roosevelt St in American Falls.

Kurtis Workman will demonstrate basic forging techniques while discussing some of the history, science and artistry behind modern blacksmithing.

“I think so many people envision a burly man sweating over an open fire while pumping bellows  before shoeing a horse. That is still very much a part of modern blacksmithing, but the craft has evolved with time while remaining a pivotal part of our world,” Workman said. “Anyone can pick up a hammer and become a blacksmith, but even if you never strike a piece of metal it is very interesting to understand a process that did so much to shape the world we live in today.”

Workman said he will be showing attendees the basic steps of all blacksmithing projects.

“Forging is a foundational art. Every piece, no matter how complex, is really just the combination some basic techniques,” he stated. “Once you understand how to curl, twist, taper and punch you can make anything your mind can come up with. On Monday I will be covering these basics.”

Art guild President Jim Walmsley said the group is looking forward to the presentation for many reasons.

“It is very exciting to explore a new art form,” Walmsley said. “Fine arts are not just two dimensional like painting or photography, there is a whole world of 3-D art out there like sculpting and metalwork. It will be really interesting to see metalwork happening in person.”

Admission is completely free of charge and the presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. For more information contact Jim Walmsley at jim@aflibrary.org.

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