The true miracle of healing

Kyran Palmer, son of Trent and Janilee Palmer, has been through trials in his life but now feels the true miracle of healing that came into his life.

Kyran was a junior at Aberdeen High School and had just finished his basketball season for the Aberdeen Tigers in February of 2014. He noticed that the bottom of his feet started hurting him and his fingers would swell up along with his ankles and knees. He felt pain in all of his joints and started to hurt all over in his body. This went on through the summer and he tried the best he could to still play basketball, but would often have to leave summer tournaments in pain throughout his body.

At the start of his senior year at Aberdeen High School, Kyran’s parents took him to the emergency room when his pain was so unbearable. He then was sent to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City for further testing and a kidney biopsy. It was there he was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis and stage four kidney damage. He spent eight days in the hospital receiving strong doses of prednisone and other medications which greatly relieved the pain. The side effects of the swelling in his face and body were sometimes unbearable for a senior in high school, but Kyran endured it with great courage and patience.

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