One night at a time is enough

As we sit surrounded by national and international tragedies, one thought continues to enter my mind: Why doesn’t the world end already? Seriously, how much more can we take?

People have predicted its end for thousands of years. But the world keeps on spinning, spewing out disaster after disaster. With hurricanes, fires, mass shootings, earthquakes, volcanoes and everything else happening this year, it’s no wonder people are still making these predictions.

However, I think people from the Dust Bowl would look at our problems and say “Piece of cake! Easy peasy! We’ll show you some real problems!” However, the Dust Bowl probably holds nothing to the 1931 China floods, which killed more people than any other natural disaster. I don’t know what the victims of those floods would say; I don’t speak Chinese.

But I do know this: so many predictions of the end of the world have come and gone, the next time someone makes one, I definitely know that the world will NOT end on that day. It’s when someone says everything is going good, and no tragedies are on the horizon, that’s when I’ll be scared.

People often ask those in the news media, why don’t we ever print any good news? There is plenty of good news, I can assure you. In this week’s paper I wrote about a man who is selling pumpkins he raised just so he can donate money to the Idaho Food Bank. A few weeks ago I took a picture of a kid walking across the United States to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes.

But people’s minds seem to hold on to bad news like someone riding a roller coaster with no seatbelts holds on to the car. And even the good news ends up bad. Like, why are there hungry people? Why is there type 1 diabetes?
But just think. All that bad news means the world is still going around. Those of us who are spared are still here to watch it all go down. And thankfully, most of us are not in the middle of all this tragedy. Most of the tragedies in our lives are much simpler than what a lot of the world is dealing with.

For example, the greatest tragedy in my life right now is my five-year-old daughter waking up at night. The baby wakes up at night too, but I just hand her off to her mother. But my older daughter doesn’t want her mom, she wants me.

Mostly she wants me to hold her on a rocking chair while she sleeps. This means that I don’t get much sleep myself, and in the morning my back hurts. But in the middle of the night, holding a five-year-old, the tragedies of the world are far away. The only goal is to get through to morning.

And that is all anyone wants, right? To make it through the night to the next day. One night at a time is enough for any of us.

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