Our flag, national anthem and their meaning

To the editor,

In battles, many times our flag was the target of the enemy with the purpose of creating disunity among our troops; a tactic that was countered when a flag bearer had fallen, a comrade quickly rescued the flag to assure the battle was not lost if the flag was in view.

Throughout history, this and the national anthem are symbols that represent fallen heroes. They should only be used to express our thanks to all that have served our country.

When sporting events take place and these two symbols are displayed, it becomes a time when we can show our patriotism as we stand reverently to honor those who have sacrificed their all. Those who participate in any other form of protest or gestures send a loud and clear message: you showing disrespect in the highest degree.

Modern day football players who feel this action is right automatically send a message that they are not a member of the American Team that has extended to them the methods used to reach the pentacles of success. It cannot be found in any other country in the world.

As those who join the ranks with those of equal thoughts, to them we veterans and patriots are desperately trying to restore unity. Your actions only help to destroy the unity that is so needed in our government.

With all the tragedies our nation is dealing with, we say to you, “time out.”

This country that has provided you with enormous fortunes wants in return your loyalty, which is a small price to pay.
A boycott of your games is an option that could destroy the game of football; another form of protest that in itself only becomes part of the problem. The higher cost would be the combined actions promoting the division that is so ramped today.

Somewhere in this scenario, there is a message for all of us who call ourselves Americans. We must put on the uniform of patriotism so that division cannot destroy the nation we love so much.

It should be the position of the NFL that those who play the game must realize they are the heroes that millions of people admire as role models.

All who are leaders of the industry must put your country first by adopting rules that prohibits the actions of one or two. Stop the use of photo opps, and give those who continue the practice six months without pay.

Jack Taylor

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