Jose Rosales presents puncture vine findings to council members

Jose Rosales, senior at Aberdeen High School, presented his senior project on goat head weed, or puncture vine, to the Aberdeen City Council at their regular meeting held on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Present at the meeting were mayor Larry Barrett and council members Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon, Mary Leisy, Brian Schneider, Alan Summers, Karl Vollmer and Denise Wahlen.

He reported that it grows all around Aberdeen. Each adult vine has many heads that each contain three or four seeds so, if they are allowed to reach the adult stage, they will spread very easily. They have a yellow flower with five petals. It can be easily hoed out when it is a baby, but when it grows and you hoe it can break and spread. It doesn’t need much water to grow.

Goadt head weed is listed on the state register as a noxious weed. Because it is there, Idaho law says it is the responsibility of the land owner to control the weed. If the land owner doesn’t control it and …

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