Sheriff expresses concerns about P.C. housing Oneida County inmates

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Power County Sheriff Jim Jeffries is concerned about housing Oneida County inmates in the Power County Jail.
The Power County commissioners are close to signing a contract with Oneida County that would allow Oneida County eight beds or more depending on the circumstances. The Power County Jail has 30 beds.

Housing Oneida County inmates would be good for Power County’s and Oneida County’s public defender. Currently, the public defender, Michael Morrissey, travels between the two counties, as well as Soda Springs, where the Oneida County inmates are housed. Oneida County does not have its own jail. Housing them all in one spot would save Morrissey hours of travel time.

Power County’s jail now accepts Bannock County inmates and also houses inmates from the state if needed. The commissioners thought it would be good to swap out the inmates who already are outside of Power County’s jurisdiction with Oneida County’s inmates.

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