County agencies discuss school resources officer

by Brooke Murphy
Press Staff Writer

After the short American Falls City Council meeting had ended, another immediately followed. The council was joined by the county police, city police, the school board and county commissioner’s office to discuss the possibility of obtaining a school resources officer for the American Falls School District. The officer’s duty would be maintaining a presence at public schools and attend events during the school year and in summer months. Having an officer on the grounds could not only ensure the safety of students and teachers, but build beneficial relationships with students.

Sheriff Jim Jeffries started off the meeting by informing the attendants that they had recently submitted a federal grant to receive funds for a school resource officer. It is currently still processing, but Jeffries said that if it is granted, they will need cooperation with all departments to effectively fund and maintain the position. The grant is limited to three years and the target salary for the position is $65,000. Along with that, the S.R.O. would need around $45,000 in equipment. “Nothing is going to happen if left alone to the county police,” said Jeffries, “which is why we need to come together and put everything on the table to get something to work.”

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