Finding a bright spot to lighten my mood

“Our City” by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

They ruffled in the light breeze or hung straight down in the places more sheltered as I passed them in the darkness. In my adult life I am not sure that I have passed one and not given at least a thought of thanks.

This morning is Veterans Days and as I passed each flag I saw my thanks was quiet but heart felt as I thought of family members, friends and those countless millions I will never meet. As I walked I also thought about us; the society we have become. I wondered if our values have shifted away from the love of country I was raised with; where family, neighbor and country were foremost. I watch and read the news and wonder how people can do and say the things they do and still have that same love. Like the empty starless sky of predawn the thought left me a bit sad and lonely as I walked on trying to find a bright spot to lighten my darkening mood.

To those of you who chose to vote last Tuesday and especially those who worked the polls in Power County you have my sincerest thanks. Across the country citizens and patriots performed the right that countless souls have fought for and died to provide and protect. As I walked on, my mood brightened as I thought of that right performed by those who chose to vote last Tuesday; for as long as that right exists given the proper effort and agenda we shape our own future. As I thought about the number of you who voted I know that not everyone who did vote voted for me; and I fully appreciate that too. My door remains open to any and all should you want to discuss the course our city is taking. To those who support our efforts within the city and those who convey concern and need you have my continued gratitude.

City crews have been going about the business of preparing for winter these past few weeks. As “bad” as last winter was I was thankful for the water year it provided. But as a city we are still in the process of repairing much of the street damage left in the wake of the record snowfall and temperatures. It will be next year before that happens provided this winter is not as “bad” as last. The street department has been through most neighborhoods a few times with the street sweeper and vacuum truck trying to get the leaves out of the gutters; I am sure it seems like a never-ending job. I would ask you if you are able and there are leaves in the curb and gutter adjacent to your property to take a few minutes and clean them out. The leaves gather at the storm drains, clog them, and then freeze in place making the drain ineffective. Water will pool and freeze up and down the affected street, later to thaw and freeze again further deteriorating the asphalt in the street. Like voting, sometimes cleaning the leaves out of a gutter seems insignificant but if it is not done sometimes the consequences are not good.

In our city parks and at Willow Bay Chris Fehringer and Brian Morris have been busy trimming trees in preparation for winter or getting an early start on spring cleanup. There are a few trees infected with fire blight at Willow Bay that will have to be removed and replaced next spring. Also at Willow Bay this week the county waterways and city personnel will be placing a new vault toilet near the boat ramp for more permanent convenience, replacing the blue boxes that exist there during the boating months.

Last Wednesday the city council, all the department superintendents and I had our first of several meetings set to improve our efficiencies and service to you. The meeting was productive and depending on your need and circumstance you could see an immediate difference in service. As we continue to work through our operating policies and ordinances I will keep you informed as things directly affecting you change. Until that time thank you for doing your part in making American Falls the best place to live. It pleases me greatly that I have four more years to work with you in that effort.

Until next week…

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