Giulio steps down as AFHS coach

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Longtime American Falls High School wrestling coach Jim Giulio announced this season would be his last season for coaching. He has coached 21 years at AFHS. This will be his 22nd wrestling season.

His announcement comes just after he served as head coach for the school’s football team for one season. He said his frustration with some of the parents and players have been festering for a while, and was exacerbated by his one season of coaching football.

“The culture of some parents have changed to the point that, instead of appreciating what I was trying to accomplish, they started to work against me and my program when their children were caught doing the wrong things and were being held accountable. The misdirection of blame and enabling got to the point that I knew my time here was over,” Giulio said.

Those differences of opinion were more apparent in football, he said.

“It is really easy to point the finger at someone else in team sports. In wrestling you are out there in front of God and all of his children by yourself, so it is really hard to blame someone else,” he said, adding that the mentality of blaming someone else combined with social media allows some to pretend their weaknesses are someone else’s fault.

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