Leadership replaced at P.C. Highway District

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

Don Haskins retired this summer from the Power County Highway District, and it took two people to replace him.

Power County Highway District Commissioner Robert Wetzel explained that years ago, there was a main supervisor for the highway district with three supervisors under that main supervisor: one for Rockland, one for Arbon, and one for American Falls. Don Haskin was the American Falls supervisor. When Ted Neu retired as the head supervisor, the highway district commissioners did not replace him, but instead let the three supervisors head up the district.

It worked good, Wetzel said,

“They each take a particular job, and they can concentrate a little more on what they have on their plate,” he said.

But there was a lot more to Neu’s job than just his supervisory duties. There was also visiting with the public, attending meetings, and writing…


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