A tribute to American Falls sports program

To the editor:
In the last few years my wife and I have become supporters of the girls’ basketball and volleyball games. In the process we have become fans, mostly because of the good children involved.
The teamwork and sportsmanship that is displayed not only serves to make a winning team even if the game might be lost, the rewards are of greater importance as the events build character and discipline in young people that is a credit to our community.
While watching the games it makes us understand the hard work involved by the coaching staff and parents who could never be accused of being silent mentors. But their support for the teams is the key to success.
As the Junior Varsity is showing their ability to win it is imperative that they be shown the recognition they deserve. Let us all give our support by attending the games.
This added effort could be the element for victory.
As older fans, our goal is to remain in good health long enough to see our teams defeat Snake River, an honored opponent that has always fielded a winning team.
Sincerely, Charlene and Jack Taylor

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