P.C. moves ahead with Rockland transfer station; partnership between county and city still undefined

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Power County is continuing with a plan to upgrade a waste transfer station in Rockland, but it is unclear what role Rockland City might play.

The current transfer station, where many city residents as well as county residents dump their garbage, is too small for a truck to pick up the garbage containers without running into a nearby retaining wall. The plan is to expand the transfer station in its current location using land owned by Rockland.

The transfer station is run by the county, but with the Ccity of Rockland owning the land, and with many city residents using the site, the county wants the city to be part running the site. The county and the city started talking about updating the site in early 2016.

“The partnership hasn’t been defined,” said Power County Commissioner Bill Lasley. “…We need to have grass roots involvement which has slowed the process down. We can’t go in and make decisions and let people deal with it.”

He added that, for the county to effectively manage the site, locals needed to have a stake in the process.

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