I don’t know

Sometimes we just cannot keep our mouths closed, especially on-line.

For example, there are websites where people can ask any sort of question, and those who have the answer can chime in and let the asker know what the answer is. However, and this is what I find hilarious, there always seems to be someone who responds: “I don’t know.”

I don’t know why they say they don’t know, but every time, someone has to get on to say that they don’t.
It’s important to have a filter. A filter where we think to ourselves, “I don’t have to say anything. This is unnecessary information to point out. Why am I saying this?” Or, as is more often the case, “why am I typing this?”
I know; I’m just as bad at this as anyone. One time I was listening to a program on the radio, where they said everyone tells little white lies. I thought to myself, this isn’t true for me. I don’t lie, I say whatever is going through my head. And then I realized that this was a bad thing. There are definitely times to not say everything going through your head.

What I’m worried about when, in the distant future, my brain starts to shut down. Dementia seems to run in the family a bit, and in thirty or forty years whatever filter I have now could be gone.

So, for the time being, I’m trying to think only good about everyone around me. Politicians, movie stars, political movie stars, they are all good in my brain. I don’t want to be 97 years old and blurt out something stupid about someone important.

I might say something stupid about Kim Jong-un, for example. By then he could be the emperor of the galaxy. I could be sentenced to death for blurting out the wrong thing.

I’m just kidding of course. By that point, Kim Jong-un will be left to the ranks of Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and Adolf Hitler. Everybody is okay hating those guys. Say what you want to about them, no one will mind a bit.
But say anything negative about anyone else in this country, and people are sure to find out. And definitely don’t say anything bad about anybody in American Falls. If you don’t have tabs on our complex social history, you might be talking to their ex.

I guess there is only one thing to say when the gossip train comes your way: I don’t know. Now I know why people write they don’t know when answering questions on the internet! It’s always good to have your bases covered, just in case anyone wonders.

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