David Wahlen sworn is as trustee

David Wahlen was given the oath of office as the Aberdeen School District Trustee for Zone One at the regular school board meeting held Wednesday, Jan. 17. Trustees present were Elaine Blik, Todd Lowder, and Mike Shackelford. Wahlen was issued the oath of office by the board clerk Lowder. Blik said they had a host of great applicants that were interested in the position. They did interviews and decided on Wahlen.

Shannon Schultz addressed the board stating the building budget is tracking good. The new edition to the building is coming along well and the auditorium masons are again in Aberdeen working on the auditorium. He said he still feels like they will be done by the end of next year.

Superintendent’s report
Superintendent Jane Ward said she placed a reminder in The Aberdeen Times on how to handle extreme weather conditions. If parents call and say the bus has not made it to the bus stop, the district tells them to only wait 15 minutes. After that they need to assume the bus cannot make it. In her article she also told them not to leave their young children to wait alone for the bus if the weather conditions are extreme. She also told them to make sure the children have boots, gloves and hats in case the bus ends up stuck or something so the children are protected from the weather. She said she tries to post this reminder in the paper every year.

Ward said the county commissioners, Idaho State University and the city are wanting to hold ESL classes and GED classes in the community. They will be held at the school, the library and at city hall. Flyers will be placed in businesses in Aberdeen and an article will be placed in The Aberdeen Times stating where and when the classes will start.

The school district is continually getting new technology in the schools. This ranges from new computers to new wiring. The school has received grants for the new technology. Erin Johnson received a STEM grant that is helping.

Ward thanked Erika Ingersoll for the annual health fair in the middle school. She and her health students do a good job.

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