Preliminary construction starts on P.C. Hospital

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Early construction on Power County Hospital’s complete renovation and expansion started on Monday, Jan. 8, in the radiology department.

The hospital passed a bond last year that funded the renovation to the tune of nearly $15 million. The current construction is preliminary to the main project, which will go out to bid later this year, said hospital administrator Dallas Clinger.

Radiology manager Sierra Lammers said the hospital had already planned to remodel the radiology room before the bond was passed for the remodel. Power County Hospital CFO Jeremy Claunch said the radiology room was the ideal starting place for the project. Because the room is lined with lead, it will maintain its current shape in the hospital, he said. Many of the other places in the hospital will require more remodeling, with walls moved and rearranged.

The large x-ray machine is removed while the room is reconstructed, updated and painted. After the construction is completed over the next several weeks, the radiology department will be open for business as usual, Lammers said. Until then, the hospital will take x-rays with a portable x-ray machine that it recently bought with a grant and a loan from the USDA. Currently, plastic sheeting separates the radiology room under construction and the hospital’s scanning equipment.

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