West boat ramp parking lot completed, BOR waits for dry year to complete ramp

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Now that contractors have completed the finishing touches on a new parking lot and boat ramp on the western side of the American Falls reservoir over the winter, the ramp is open to the public.

However, the ramp is not yet complete. The water only receded from the ramp far enough for contractors to finish about a third of the ramp, said Ryan Newman with the Bureau of Reclamation, who is overseeing the project. They will need to wait for the water to recede further to complete the project.

“We’re left waiting on mother nature,” Newman said.

The project is nearly finished, except for one important detail. The new ramp is lined with rock to help keep the structural integrity of the ramp. This rock will keep people from driving down on the beach when the water recedes, which has been a regular activity for boaters in the fall. That is not the BOR’s intention.

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