Funds needed to finish city park band shell

by Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer

Power County resident Tammy Ramsey wants to finish building a stage in the American Falls City Park, and she hopes to do it soon. The stage’s concrete was poured last fall. Ramsey, as well as contractor Mike Ferguson, who is overseeing the construction, want to add a band shell before the annual Music in the Park concert series starts this summer.

They spoke before the Greater American Falls Area Chamber of Commerce at its quarterly membership meeting on Thursday, Feb. 15. Specifically, they are looking for community and business donations to finish the stage.
The Music in the Park organization, which Ramsey founded five years ago, has about $5,000 saved up for the stage, but they need about $10,000 more for a bare-bones band shell. The shell would have walls that could be removed when they don’t need them, Ferguson said. There are a lot of ways that they could improve the structure further down the road with more money, he said.

“There are a lot of other things we could do to make it nicer and last longer, “ Ferguson said. He also said that they can use physical labor help once the project starts. “We’ll be looking for help from anyone that’s willing.”
The stage will take the place of a gazebo in the south side of the city park. The new stage uses the concrete for the gazebo. Ramsey said she wanted to incorporate that piece of history into the stage. However, the old gazebo structure is rusted through, and must come down. They will save and reattach the plaque from the gazebo, which recognizes the LDS church for donating the gazebo to the city.

They are looking for sponsors to keep Music in the Park going, help pay for the stage, and to help pay for bands, Ramsey said. She asks that businesses donate as soon as possible, so that they can fund the building of the band shell by April so construction will be complete before the summer concerts start for Music in the Park. Ramsey can be contacted at 208-221-0732.

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