Gun incident occurs with middle school student

A student of Aberdeen Middle School took a gun to a game during the week of Feb. 12.

Superintendent Jane Ward said she couldn’t say a lot about it because the incident will possibly include expulsion for the student. School board members were not aware of the incident yet and they were to be the judging force behind what happens to the student.

Ward was stating part of what took place because Denver Driscoll was at the meeting and said he just heard there was a student that had a gun at school and he also had a list of names that he wanted to kill. School board members present were Elaine Blik, Todd Lowder, Mike Shackelford, Sherrie Mauroner and David Wahlen.

Ward reported there were a couple of students that said there was a gun at the game. When the student who had the gun was approached he said it wasn’t real. They discovered, however, that it was real. Ward said they have to go through strict procedures when handling a case like this so that when a verdict is given it will stick. She has been in touch with the lawyers and trying to do the things in proper order.

On Friday, Feb. 23, the students were informed about the incident and letters were given to them so parents were notified then. The Aberdeen Police Department was in to talk to the faculty about how to handle things like this. The letter informed parents of the lockdown, the student with a weapon on campus and that further actions would be taken.

Ward said the school went into soft lockdown. That means all the classrooms are locked and students are watched closely during class changes. She said the student who brought the gun is not in school right now and they have not been able to locate a list.

“We need to remember we are dealing with young children and this incident will affect this child for the rest of its life,” Ward said. “We are doing all that we can in the proper order of things. Please know that until we had evidence that it actually occurred, we couldn’t do anything.”

She added there were more details but she couldn’t give any more details at the time.

Driscoll thanked Ward for being as open with him as she could and for everything that she was doing to take care of the situation.

Ward said, according to state law, if a student is expelled for having a gun on school property, the student will not be able to attend any school for at least one year.

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