Mayor loves working with proactive people

“Our City” by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

I have to say I love working with proactive people a lot more than those wait and see kind. Folks who see challenges as opportunities and problems as something that will not only make us stronger but better. I am fortunate in that I work with proactive problem solvers at both my jobs, and if I am lucky every once in a while they just show up from out of nowhere and offer really cool ideas that have the potential to transform.

I have written in the past few weeks about summer street construction and the inconveniences it will pose. Beyond the obvious there may be an added plus. With the street crews planning to be busy specifically with street construction this summer, much of our spring schedule is going to be bumped up.

Normally, you wouldn’t associate sewers with streets because most sewers are in the alleys. The wastewater department is planning on flushing the entire sewer line network this spring as part of an improved maintenance plan made possible by the recent purchase of the new flush-truck and camera trailer. In years past we have had to clean the sewers by section of town, now we have the capability to do the entire city in one season. When the sewer lines are flushed the alleys need to be clean and free of any material that encroaches into the city’s right-of-way, thus the early cleaning schedule. A more official notice is forthcoming, but as soon as the weather stabilizes city crews will begin cleaning alleys to make way for the flush-truck which is a full eight feet in width. A subsequent alley cleaning will also be scheduled later in the spring to accommodate your spring yard cleaning.

As your yards and alleys get their annual spring once over we will also be hosting an open house to familiarize those of you who are interested with our summer street reconstruction schedule and describe how you can plan to best deal with alternate routes to your daily destinations. Engineers are currently working on plans to replace water and sewer lines on Fort Hall from Harrison to the bypass so the street project may take on a whole new scope, depending on costs, and will be really inconvenient, but when finished will provide completely new and lasting infrastructure. As potential development remains a prospect north of the bypass and even in our commercial district, this is an opportunity that should not be passed up if at all financially possible.

As we look at the first days of spring next week and weather becoming more mild, many with cabin fever will be looking to do things outdoors. The city council last week approved the same golf specials as were in place last year which include free family golf on Monday and Wednesday mornings, half price golf for campers at Willow Bay and Indian Springs and the season pass special with Hazard Creek Golf Course in Aberdeen. I am sure as soon as this last snow leaves Golf Superintendent Cody Moldenhauer will have the links ready to play on. I am hugely excited about the ten or so locals who have applied to work in the clubhouse and on the course this summer; their familiar faces and knowledge of the game will be welcoming to all.

Also, this last week the council approved the dates of July 27 to 29 for a new event at Willow Bay: the Dam Music Festival. It is planned to be a two day music and art festival with artists coming from near and far.

While logistical details need to be developed and finalized, I am very excited about this opportunity to bring something new and lasting to further help develop our community as a destination area and in doing so bolster our local businesses.

In that same theme, our own Tammy Ramsey will be kicking off Music in the Park on June 7 on the new stage that will be completed by local volunteers this spring; more to follow in coming weeks.

As I think of local proactive volunteers who choose to make life better for many, particularly our students, I once again humbly applaud Dennise and Jeff Burgemeister, Juanita and Tony Burgemeister, Susan and Marc Chipps, Honi and Justin Allen, Jenny and Jason Kress, Melissa and Mike Henesh, Lucy Murillo, Kael Koompin and Bryan Flake for making this year’s FFA Alumni Donkey Basketball event the very best ever. To the 58 businesses who donated to the event thank you so very much. To the folks who bid and bought, thank you too. In all you raised over $10,000 for scholarships for our graduating seniors.

On a much more personal note I must say that folks like those I listed above are the who and the what that makes American Falls the very best place to live, but none more so than Dennise Burgemeister, who without knowing selflessly continues to inspire me and transform so many of those around her.

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