Good neighbor gatherings help support worthy causes

“Our City” by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

It was 68 degrees as I started my morning walk and a light rain sprinkled just enough to make the smoothly finished concrete sidewalks a bit slick. As dark as it was it was still pleasant, the sidewalks and streets for the most part barren for my first half of the loop. But, for the occasional song bird in the tops of the trees it was quiet, not that different from home and the owls I hear in various parts of town as I walk in the wee hours.

As I pondered the similarities I was struck by the fact that like American Falls, the 20 year old subdivision Suzanne and Kelton Landvatter chose to buy a home in was also built next to a man-made lake. As I espouse regularly American Falls is the best place to live and I believe that; however, the community of Gilbert, AZ, has been voted the best community to live in by the citizens of Arizona for the past two years.

As the sun began to peak over the eastern horizon more folks began to appear on the sidewalks, most with dogs in tow, many explaining to their pets where to, how to, do their business. Traffic became heavy as I approached a major city street forcing me to wait for a crossing light, not so much like home but all in all not unpleasant. Mallard duck pairs herded the broods around the shore of the lake and foraged for insects in the grass. Not unpleasant at all.

As my mind wandered back home and to the list of things waiting to be done when I get there, I thought about the drive down to Gilbert and the conversations I heard in regard to the Highway 39 bypass and Pocatello Avenue on March 13 at the ITD open house. I thought of those conversations because as Sally and I made our way south we passed through two large round-a-bouts behind large trucks with no incident at about 25 mph. I don’t know if a round-a-bout is the solution for this intersection, but I maintain if engineered correctly it certainly is an option.

Later that evening I was with the FFA Ag Issues team at the Lions Club meeting. The next day at noon we were at the Rotary Club meeting. Both groups had their opinions about what would work and what wouldn’t, the only commonality was that there was no consensus other than regardless of what is done someone won’t like it for whatever reason. My thanks to ITD for trying to find the best solution to the intersection; I wish them luck.

The past few weeks have been spent largely trying to work out final details for both the TAP grant (sidewalks around city park and down Bannock to Lee Street) and the FLAP grant (the emergency access to Willow Bay). With any luck both these projects should be ready to bid in the next few weeks.

It seems like a never ending saga but those involved remain vigilant. Below the streets and alleys sewer flushing has started. Please look for the notices as the wastewater department enters your neighborhood.

In our efforts to be good neighbors, this last Wednesday at the city council meeting it was approved to partner with the City of Rockland so that Jeff Nelson, our building administrator, would be allowed to continue to serve in that capacity for Rockland as well.

As neighbors often do many gathered at St. John’s Lutheran Church last Tuesday for the annual pancake dinner. I was finishing up some business and received a text from Kamren Koompin reminding me to attend and I arrived just as it was wrapping up.

It is inspiring to see so many come together at such an event. And, it is precisely these types of events that make American Falls the very best place to live. It is the sense of community that is so evident as we work together to find solutions to difficult issues, partner with others who lack certain capabilities and come together to regularly support worthy causes.

While, I enjoyed my early morning walk in Gilbert this morning I appreciated perhaps more fully what I have at home.

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