Things that cause progress take quite a bit of work

“Our City” by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

I have found that most things that cause progress take quite a bit of work and no small amount of education.
The American Falls City Council held a special meeting last Thursday as a result of some hard work by Superintendents Daren Dahlke and Chris Fehringer and some education on my part. There are laws that govern how a city can do most things and working through the maze of requirements for state and federal grants is no exception.

As we worked through the maze of requirements for both the TAP grant (sidewalks around city park and down Bannock Avenue to Lee Street) and the FLAP grant (the emergency access to Willow Bay), the legal advice of our attorney Nolan Wittrock and experience of our city clerk Robyn Herndon helped immensely.

As we tried to maximize returns and reduce costs the council decided to hire one engineering firm to conduct what is known as CE and I, construction engineering and inspection. The firm with the appropriate required qualification to administer the grants and conduct the CE and I was Keller and Associates.

With that task done bidding for the FLAP should take place close to the same times as we go to bid on the TAP grant, the LSIP (the reconstruction of Fort Hall from Harrison to the Highway 39 bypass), and the emergency relief repairs for multiple blocks of pavement damaged from the winter of 2017-18.

As I have stated previously it is going to be hugely inconvenient for some. As we get closer to actual construction we will begin holding weekly public construction meetings like we did during the “Downtown” project to keep those who want to be informed.

In another effort to keep you informed the city has sent out two notices with this month’s billing. You will want to read them both. One is pertaining to our annual spring cleanup and the other is a notice of ordinances regarding yard and property care, vehicle storage/parking and a few others that we are requesting you voluntarily comply with. Should you find that compliance is not possible we will do our best to help you within our capabilities. Should you decide that you just don’t want to comply another avenue exists; we would prefer the former of course. However, these ordinances are intended to enhance our community and maintain neighborhood property values and as such will be enforced. Thanks for helping.

The spring cleanup is scheduled to begin the week of April 23, weather permitting. I plan to start my own yard cleanup later this morning and will be piling branches and leaves in the alley for pick up. As you do the same thing, please keep your piles neat and out of the city right-of-way because the wastewater department is also cleaning sewers at this time and the vacuum truck needs the complete right-of-way to safely accomplish the task.

I have one more request. You may have noticed that the street department has begun sweeping. It makes their job very difficult and less than effective if vehicles remain parked in the same place day after day. I am asking that during the day if you have the ability to park your car someplace other than the street please do so. Move the car back to the street at night if you need to. Thank you for your help in this matter as well.

You may have noticed that the parks are ready for use and, golf is underway and boats are launching at Willow Bay. I believe spring may actually be here. But, here is Idaho, so I would imagine that heavy wet snow could be in the forecast for a few more weeks. Good luck with your spring cleanup, if you are like me you are anxious to get to it as time permits.

Until next week…

Thanks for reading!

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