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To the editor,

Recently The Aberdeen Times reported in ‘city council news’ that it had been discovered the city did not have legal papers as to ownership of the city hall property I sold them “40 years ago”, (actually 45 years ago.) It might be interesting to look back at how different our world was in 1973.

Nixon was president, the World Trade Center become the tallest in the world, Secretariat won the Triple Crown and the minimum wage was $1.60.

In that year we took our daughter, Ronita, to college. She is now the grandmother of a 21 year old! It was on that trip that I paid the first $.50 for a gallon of gas. I was devastated! This is a reminder of the shrinking value of our dollar. It has lost over 90 percent of it’s original purchasing power. Up until the 1960s it was called a “silver certificate” and could be exchanged for a silver dollar. Then it became a “federal reserve note” with no inherent value at all. It now takes many of these dollars to buy a silver dollar, if you could even find one.

As a matter of fact, a proper ‘Quit Claim Deed’ was prepared and we signed it, so the city now has legal ownership of their property.

In looking back at ‘how time flies’, we are reminded in God’s Holy Bible that the time is coming when time will be no more, and none of these times will matter and eternity will begin. It is wise for us to prepare for that time while there is still time.

The good news is, we can!

Norv Brown

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