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by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

The city is no different than many businesses throughout the state in that vacated positions often go unfilled for months at a time. I have written often about the ag program’s and more recently the high school’s initiative to do a better job of growing our own in order to help backstop the need for qualified employees. It is an effort that so far has shown a degree of success for our businesses but not the city per se.

Sometimes, all it takes is for a person to need a change of pace or scenery. Over the past few weeks we have been fortunate to have made two full-time hires and one part-time. It is my pleasure to welcome Joe Workman to the street department and Micah Miller to the water/wastewater department as full-time employees. I also welcome Julio Nunez, a former student of mine, to part-time employment in the w/ww department. With spring in the process of springing all departments find themselves hard at work and the new hires are most welcome in those efforts.

And, in speaking of efforts many of you will be excited to know that a long list is on the slate for completion in the coming months. Your thanks and that of the city goes to both the county commissioners, the school board and multiple private donors for bridging the gap between funds on hand and those needed to complete the tennis/pickleball courts. With some luck the playing surface, nets, striping and fences will be installed before our students are out for vacation.

Also, in that same window will be the community’s efforts to complete the new south city park performance stage. It is the intent of the project’s inspiration, Tammy Ramsey, and the A.F. Lion’s Club to have the venue completed for the first performances of the Music in the Park summer series. The venue is being constructed with multiple purposes in mind, so if you are a fan of the performing arts contact Tammy Ramsey, Mike Ferguson or me to see how you can contribute.

Next week the annual spring cleanup will begin. If you are a city resident or business owner you received in your last billing statement the schedule and instructions for the cleanup. Please, follow them. It will make the process much simpler for those doing the heavy lifting.

While not in time for the spring cleanup, the high school is bringing back the Community Pride Day. On May 23 the entire student body will devote a day’s effort to making our community better. This huge effort will be coordinated through the FFA and student body officers, Principal Travis Hansen and me.

If you own a business that needs a fresh coat of paint, windows cleaned or the like, or a homeowner that needs help in your yard, this is your chance for help. In the next few weeks I will provide contact information for you so that you can sign up for the help you need. Don’t be shy, we have about 400 students and 30 teachers who in some way would like to do their part in making American Falls the best place to live.

Lastly, I will revisit the words of Mitsy Ledesma from last week’s column, “It’s okay, even safe to fail here, to try new things, to make ourselves better.”

Thirty-eight students qualified and competed, many received awards and recognition, none of them failed at the annual state FFA Leadership Conference. Yes, a few were just shy of their goal, but that doesn’t equate to failure in my mind. It equals growth for those with the right mind set.

Like Mitsy stated, we make ourselves better as we learn from mistakes and shortcomings; growth and betterment can never be viewed as failure. True failure, is never attempting that which is difficult, that which one has not yet done, that which in no small way scares us to death. To the first time dairy cattle and horse judges who finished in the middle of the 50 teams in the those events, to our 13 State FFA Degree recipients, five State Proficiency Award winners, two State Star finalists, the fifth place Farm Businesses Management team, Sod Williams’ third place finish in the FFA Creed Speaking event and the second place finish of the Conduct of Chapter Meetings team, let me tell you that you are the very best part of what I do and why I can’t fathom ever teaching anywhere beside American Falls High School. I am so proud of each of you. Every day as you make yourselves better, in doing so you make me better too.

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